by The Zannies

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released November 2, 2017


all rights reserved



The Zannies Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Zannies began as an indie solo project in 2013. Their first album, Wannabe, showed the band's ability to deliver energetic and catchy songs.
Today, The Zannies are recognized for a signature bass-driven hard rock style and a wide range of songwriting. The band has been described as “blues punk” for their use of pentatonic guitar solos over a punchy rhythm section and blunt vocals.
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Track Name: Espejos
It started with a coffee
or maybe two or three
when suddenly, it was a habit
where everything's for free

the restitution I paid you
didn't mean a thing
I could have walked away and no-one
would have known that it was me

I'm sorry that I failed you
I'm sorry that I fled
I'm sorry that I gave you all those extra hours in my stead

I couldn't come back to you
I couldn't show my face
I left behind too much of myself when
I was trapped inside that place
Track Name: American Dream
Don't look to me, I'm the son of a working man
know how to use my hands
I've been around a few times and I think I know
which way to go
I just can't see why you fear the authorities
'cause they're nice to me
we're the land of the free and the home of the slaves
we say it every day

but if you say there's something wrong,
you don't belong.
and if you say we ain't the best,
you ain't like the rest.

so lobotomize me!
vasectomize me
somebody please wake me
from the american dream

"and don't you dare ask me if I believe in equality
why do you disagree?
the march to Selma, Alabama, was a victory
that's good enough for me."

but no, it's not enough! I'm talking about love
when someone dies, it ought to matter to us
I should be able to trust the chosen ones
but when they use their guns, where you gonna run?

when you say you protect and serve,
you better keep your word
you're full of lies and cover-ups,
you're so corrupt

oh, who would have thought?
a nation under God
so easily forgot its own laws
Track Name: Probationary Blues
they came and took me to the county jail,
they came and took me to the county jail.
they came and took me from my place of business,
all my friends they had to witness
they done put me on probation,
I can't have no weed or booze
they done put me on probation
all i got is probation blues
Track Name: Perennial Millennial
My coworker got married today
Children having children
oh, what fun to have a son
at the age of twenty-one

one too many tables today
all the parents hit their children
it's a family place, but when you turn your face
you'd think that's not the case

case files pile up as lovers divorce
tear their kids in two
have their words, then battle in court
oh, what's a child to do?

children having children
there's a moral here, but have no fear
it's all written in vain

why so eager to inseminate
when the world is full of children?
less than half of marriages last
but you're not scared of that

nannies play mother to our young
stay-at-home is so overdone
secret lives and military wives
fidelity is criticized

if you don't play the field to seal the deal,
why even compete?
the only thing worth mentioning
is the size of your diamond ring

children having children
Track Name: 110
I think I'm getting sick again
I've got a fever of a hundred and ten
my head's so very warm
I'm coughing up a storm
take a number then stand in line
while my body's working overtime
don't act like you can play at our venue,
we've got a million other bands just like you

so whatcha gonna do?
this business ain't for you
and what good is a music scene,
if it caters to the people who are already seen?
don't act like you compete with our set
we had you beaten by the mic check.
Track Name: Nevercare
I'm in a bad place
and nobody knows I'm in a bad place
now everyone knows because it's that way
I wrote it down, it's in a song now
I'm saving face by singing instead of speaking
like I've got a fever that's always peaking
I'm not a cheater, but I'm always peeking
I'm always sick, I'm always straight diseasin'

I need someone to treat me like dirt
I need someone to make me hurt
just wanted it to be you

if I hurt myself, please don't care
I wouldn't want you to worry if I'm not there
when I'm dead and gone, I won't hear no prayers

but don't you ever care

you almost had me believing
staring at more than just rock stars
I thought that I would be leaving
not the one to get left behind
how's everybody doin?
I'm not feeling too bad myself
except for everything I can't say out loud
everything that gives me hell
Track Name: Leave Me Alone
leave me the hell alone
won't you leave me the hell alone
now I'm on my own, won't you
throw me a bone
and leave me the hell alone

it's been such a long, long time
and you have long since crossed that line
yeah, I'm doin' fine stayin' out of your life
so stay the hell out of mine

oh, just how long must I sing this song
to get my point across?
if you don't decide to open your eyes,
then baby, that's your loss
Track Name: Swing And A Miss
Me and my buddy was wondering
if you was available for some lovin'
not with the two of us, just the one
I ain't lookin' for a seven-six-five-four-threesome
'cause I was thinking you were cute
and he was thinkin' you were cute, to boot
so please answer me

if you already got a man
well, that sure changes my plans
but if you need a fella, I can tell ya
I hope you're needin' me

a couple of drinks and a bag of weed,
we'll be having a good time guaranteed
shimmy ourselves to the show,
we'll be having such a good time swervin' on the dancefloor
get the highscore, flippers flyin'
tellin' ourselves that we ain't lyin'
oh, I'm in love

but if you don't want us I understand
because we're in the same band
but if you need a fella, I can tell ya
I hope you're needin' me

but who's this walkin' in?
I don't think I like him
with his arms around ya,
smoochin' on ya
I guess we're moving on
Track Name: Gemini
was I born under the wrong sign?
hell no, I’m such a Gemini
I’m a coin with two sides,
and it’s always gonna flip heads up
you’re the same as my mother
we ain’t right for each other
give me time to recover
from memories of my last lover

give me some moonshine
under your moon sign
will it be the last time
I see you in this life?
who do I swear my love to
if I don’t believe in you?
be careful who you talk to
because I can split in two
I believe in nothing
it’s not really my thing
faith is too confusing
and I ask too many questions
but you see me in star signs
constellations up high
what do you see, who am I,
looking at me with your sagitarri-eyes?

maybe that part is true...
I have many faces in different places,
but I think I tend to
stay the same with you
your informalities, insecurites
remind me of someone I once knew

bleed on me
wretch and writhe with me
beg for keys
on your knees
Track Name: Take It Or Leave It
I bear my teeth, I bear my soul
I’m lashing out ‘cause you’re coming home
we’re better off without you here
we’re better off without you here
I just want to be alone

I pull my teeth, I pull my hair
I suffocate when you’re in my air
you’d think we’d have more to talk about
I am your seed, you are a drought
I fear I might explode

just give me one more reason to stay
‘cause I’m not the one who need to change
but only once the damage is done
you’ve realized that i’m the only one
and all the times we had
don’t make up for when things went bad
I told you baby, take it or leave it
because I’m leaving

when I was young, I used to walk
inside your shoes, waiting to grow up
but now that they fit, I’ll wear my own
I think I’d rather wear my own
I just want to be alone

are you afraid of my ideals,
the ones I’ve been forming all these years?
do you know what it’s like to be alone?
I never liked your shoes. I’ll wear my own
I fear I might explode

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